Professional equipment for all your tree service needs!

Are you insured and bonded for tree services in cumming, GA?

Yes. $1,000,000 property coverage as well as workman's compensation. Smith Insurance.

Do you provide replacement and planting as well as dealing with what is already there?

Yes. We provide transplanting service as well as planting trees and bushes.

Can you mulch wood for those that want mulch on-site or take everything away?

Yes. We can mulch your cuttings or take them away as you desire. We also provide wood chips if you need some.

What options are there for non-chemical maintenance? 

Mulching and soil maintenance with natural organic materials as well as pruning and trimming of trees and bushes.

What's the tallest tree you ever pruned to remove dangerous limbs over a structure?

100 feet

What's the tallest tree you ever topped?

125 feet

What's the tallest tree you ever dropped?

100 feet

Will you leave wood behind for firewood, if tree is suitable? To what extent will you cut down that wood?

Yes. We can cut logs into firewood length. We also provide firewood delivery, but we don't generally split and process firewood on-site to minimize creating a mess on your property.

What do you do with the cuttings you take away?

We either chip for you on-site or take away and chip for re-use.

Do you have references you can provide? 

Yes. See our Testimonials page. We can also provide you with a list of references for you to contact if you wish.